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Assisted Stretching

Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching is a personalized routine performed by a trained practitioner. Our certified staff delivers a life-changing stretch experience to help you move efficiently and effortlessly. We put in the work so you can reap the benefits of stretching in your daily activities.

How Assisted Stretching Helps You

Feel Better

Most people start losing flexibility at an average rate of 1% a year. Strains from working out muscles compounded over time can cause muscle adhesion/scar tissue. Adhesions tightens the surrounding tissue and restrains how you’re mobility. Over time, the loss of flexibility ages you.

Proper stretching slows down the aging process. You can even feel younger by improving posture, circulation, and pain-free full range of motion.

Relieve Stiffness

We commonly overwork our bodies in the gym.  This causes muscle tension.

A certain amount of muscle tension is necessary to keep form and posture, but when you have excessive tension, it becomes harder to move.

You can re-establish a more ideal resting muscle tone, relieving stiffness and soreness with assisted stretching.

Athletic Performance

A flexible system is an open system, awakening natural and instinctual movements that require less thought and faster reaction time.

When flexibility training is done properly, and the integrity of connective tissue and muscle is maintained, you can increase your active range of motion. You’ll be able to execute movement without excessive tension and decrease resistance in extended muscles.

Increase & Maintain Range of Motion

Our goal isn’t making you more “flexible” or “elastic,” but to increase your active range of motion so that you can move further before you even feel a stretch. We work through the nervous system to achieve lasting flexibility gains.

Assisted Stretching Pricing

  • * 30 Minutes
    • 4 sessions             $155
    • 8 sessions             $302
    • 12 sessions           $440
    • 16 sessions           $569