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Our private studio is a place you can focus on your goals without distraction. We offer personal training, group fitness classes, and nutrition coaching.  We are located on the Northside of State Street, between Grede foundry and Crash Champions.  Look for the orange and gray building.

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Learn a balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition that is tailored to your unique goals, lifestyle, and personality.

Nutrition coaches work with the general population to facilitate the inclusion of healthy eating behaviors and empower their clients to take responsibility for their own health.

Learn the importance of adequate nutrition, sleep quality, stress management, movement, and recovery in meeting your sustainable goals.

Learn how to incorporate your favorite foods into your nutrition plan.

Participate in social activities without fear of losing progress towards goals.

No quick fixes, no cookie-cutter plans, no elimination of whole food groups.

Develop confidence in making your own food choices to adequately fuel your daily activities.

To get started with nutrition coaching, please click on the button below to setup a FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation.

What key elements will you take away from working with a certified nutrition coach?

Calculate caloric needs

Learn healthy portion sizes

Learn how to read food labels

Calculate macronutrient ratios

Dispel nutrition myths and fallacies

Learn how to navigate grocery stores

Discuss the pros and cons of various diets

Learn the health benefits of various food groups

Evaluate eating plans and receive general guidance

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What is a Nutrition Intake?

After filling out the Nutrition Intake Form, a certified nutrition coach will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.  During the meeting you can expect to receive a tailored nutrition plan that will meet your individual goals, lifestyle, and personality.  You will also have access to a spreadsheet to track nutrition, movement, and multiple biofeedback markers (e.g., stress, mood, hunger, cravings, recovery, energy, weight, etc).  Lastly, you will have access to your nutrition coach via email for follow-up questions.

Cost Of Nutrition Intake?

Please click on the button below to fill out the necessary information prior to your intake session with a certified nutrition coach.